DARPin Targeted Magnetic Hyperthermic Therapy for
Topass GmbH

Project Leader
Ulrich Pison

Group Members
Katharina Roepke
Thore Dietrich

Selected publications

Pietschmann S, Hoffmann K, Voget M and Pison U Synergistic effects of Miconazole and Polymyxin B on microbial pathogens. Veterinary Res Comm 2009; 33(6): 489-505

Pietschmann S, Martin R, Schoen T, Spatz JP and Pison U Cell select - a new concept for collecting of rare cell populations in vivo. IFMBE Proceedings 2009; 25: 369-371

Kaufner L, Cartier R, Wustneck R, Fichtner I, Pietschmann S, Bruhn H, Schutt D, Thunemann AF and Pison U Poly(ethylene-oxide)- block-poly(glutamic-acid) coated maghemite nanoparticles: in vitro characterization and in vivo behaviour. Nanotechnology 2007; 18(11)

Pison U, Welte T, Giersig M and Groneberg DA Nanomedicine for respiratory diseases Eur J Pharmacol 2006; 533(1-3): 341-350


TOPASS GmbH was founded in November 2005 by Prof Ulrich Pison as a spin off the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The company is dedicated to translational research in the field of molecular imaging and targeted drug therapy. The team of TOPASS has generated profound expertise in the field of preclinical and clinical R&D. It performs preclinical development and testing of their own tracer technology and devices as well as R&D with collaborators such as PHILIPS and BAYER-SCHERINGPHARMA for the faster approval of new therapeutic and diagnostic concepts in medicine.

For the DARTRIX project TOPASS collaborates with the German Heart Centre in Berlin giving access to 3Tesla MRI with dedicated small animal coils.

TOPASS is cofounder of the Imaging Network Berlin (http://www.imaging-netzwerk-berlin.de).

Role of Topass within the "Dartrix Consortium"

TOPASS is leader of and will perform the workpackage concerning the "Preclinical safety evaluation and response monitoring". The tasks of this workpackage involves animal studies which will be conducted by the TOPASS team having profound experience in handling animals in the light of the 3Rs: Refine, Reduce, Replace.

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